Conquer the Impossible Missions! – Our first Music/Action Game!

The hardest and insanely addictive game for music lovers and action seekers!
Pump up your adrenaline and see how far can you get in each mission!

With 10 Missions to Conquer, each featuring an unique theme and an original soundtrack by our award winning composer,
you WILL get hooked instantly!

The rule is simple, get to the end of each mission without dying! If you die, you will re-spawn from the beginning.
To prepare you for the IMPOSSIBLE, Try each mission on Practice Mode first by placing Markers along the way!

~~~~ Game Features ~~~~

– 10 Missions ranging from hard to insanely hard!
– 10 Themes each with it’s unique feature and physics!
– 10 Tracks from our award winning composer!
– Practice Mode to prepare yourself for the real challenge!
– Compete with players worldwide with Gamecenter Leaderboard!
– 22 Achievements to be Earned!
– Optimized for iPhone5 & iPad!


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One thought on “Conquer the Impossible Missions! – Our first Music/Action Game!

  1. When there’s two spring blocks next to each other you can die by hitting a certain spot in between them, which doesn’t seem right to me. It happens to me a lot at the end of mist. Also when you roll off a block (that’s on the ground) onto spikes while holding the screen you can jump off the spikes. Then there’s some glitch where I get stuck bouncing but it’s very rare. For the music, I think it’d be cool if you could unlock the ability to listen to the whole song after you clear a level. Anyway if it wasn’t obvious from my distance traveled and mission completion, I enjoy the game.

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