Light it up! Glow Free is Coming! ThinkCube’s 4th and Best Game Yet!

We are so excited about this game that the developers even played for hours during testing and wouldn’t stop!

Glow Free is an extremely addictive puzzle game, and by far the best game of its kind in AppStore yet!

The Rule is simple: Light-up the shape with a continuous path without retracing!

The addictiveness of this game has been proven with several similar Chart-Topping Apps! But have you been frustrated with their improvement-needed controls, and the limited puzzle counts?
GET READY!! With Glow Free, here is what you get:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

– 2400+ Original Puzzles! (~10x more levels than any similar game in AppStore!)

– Puzzles grouped from Very Easy to Impossibly Hard!

– Ultra Smooth & intuitive user control for maximum experience! (Touch, Click, Drag, Draw however you want!)

– Get Dazzled with 9 different neon themes!

– Stunning Retina Graphics and Amazing Animations optimized for iPad & iPhone5!

– Made a wrong move? Don’t Worry! Roll back moves with “UNDO”!

– Fully Animated Solution comes with every puzzle! (Also you can pause it and take over the control anytime!)

Can you light up all the Paths? Download your free copy. your challenge awaits!
Version 1.0
Think Cube Games

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